Digital Workspace


Work is a transaction, exchanging your own time for the time of others. Both the employees (or hitchhikers) and the managers (or drivers) want to reach their destination as soon as possible. The idea behind the Digital Workspace is rapid access to information required to perform the tasks. Information needs to be stored in one place, be easily accessible and easy to share. Digital Workspace enables you to work in many systems without repeated logging in, opening many tools at the same time and learning them all. The information is accessed by the search engine or a mobile device or other application, e.g. the e-mail application. We offer a mechanism thanks to which you can become a creator and make your ideas come true.

Sample functional areas

We collected and structured the needs we have met in many organisations. In this way, we created functions corresponding to the identified needs. We called them functional areas. Digital Workspace combines the functionality of the publication intranet  and online intranet with systems used in your company.

We support areas

The functional tasks and areas can be aggregated in tiles or in a menu customised depending on your needs.  The desktop will be synchronised with your e-mail. You will be notified of new e-mails, contacts and meetings. All your tasks and projects to be completed will be visible in one location. You will fill in your working hours, reach project websites or plan consecutive tasks easily. You can connect with your personal website, transfer files to OneDrive drive or use the Office package.


Our functionalities support the following areas:

  • Management – management office, profitability, sale, costs
  • Sale – CRM, sale analysis
  • Products – product management, offer catalogues
  • Customer service – customer websites, debt collection
  • Marketing and PR – communications, news, marketing materials
  • HR – employee processes, training and development
  • Finance and accounting, invoice flows, settlements, tax platform
  • Security and audit – regulations and procedures, ISO repository, reports
  • Legal – legal platform, agreements and contacts, affair handling
  • Administration – corporate communications, vendors
  • IT – Helpdesk, applications and authorisations, standards, system management

Adaptation to your organisation

Your desktop appearance depends on you and the visual identity of your organisation. The design of such a workspace is conditional on the needs of your company and the sector characteristics. We can offer you ready-made components or create new functionalities.



The information access speed, more effective work, focusing on tasks are just a few components driving the vehicle of your organisation from now on. All the needless documents will disappear from your desk and the workspace and its arrangement will depend solely on you. Your productivity will grow and the tasks performed will become easier thanks to quick access to all the systems and websites you use for your work. Modern technologies will help you achieve your occupational objectives.



The processes arranged in one place, thanks to employing cutting-edge technologies, will place your company among dynamically developing companies with a friendly workspace comfortable for employees.

The electronic deployment of the workspace in your company need not be work-intensive and expensive. We have many ready-made solutions, components and modules developed in the course of many projects, and can offer them to you right now.  The digital workspace will help you discover your abilities. The work of yourself and of your team will gain new meaning.