Online Intranet

Your Online Intranet



We offer a ready-made structure of your intranet, created based on the reference information architecture. This is the structure we found most frequently in various organisations.

Do not stay behind

Thanks to the News you will always be able to reach the hottest information.  What is more, you will get a tool called Yammer being a social medium for internal communication.

Communicate in many languages

Your messages, articles or news can be profiled based on location and language settings. This means that if your organisation has a scattered structure worldwide, you will receive information in the preferred languages and the ones intended for your location.

Reach for tools

Thanks to the links to applications, you will quickly be where you need to be at a given time.

Your tasks

On your online intranet pages you will find tiles with the topical tasks to be performed and other problems calling your attention.



Get to know your organisation

Promoting employee involvement is one of the key objectives of the internal communications. Easily reached corporate values, e.g. the Mission and Vision, and getting to know the organisation structure, will help employees identify with the organisation.


You will access the information you need in a short while. You can use a Browser and Address Book. The information can be reached quickly also by Logbooks.


The Address Book or HR website will tell you who should be contacted in relation to a given subject.

Knowledge database

Acquire knowledge and share it with your associates.

Regulations and procedures

Do not stay behind with respect to your internal regulations and procedures

Project websites

Use schedules, document templates and calendars. Discuss.

Department websites

You can easily open a website for the department you work for. Here, you can post tasks and problems concerning your department.



How does it work?

Information architecture

Our specialists will visit you and present a finished solution. Just like for the Publication Intranet, we will carry out a pre-deployment analysis or functional roadmapping, and match the components considering the characteristics of SharePoint Online platform.

Appearance and functionality

The functionality of your Intranet will be developed by our graphic designers, specialising in user experience.



We will provide the system visualisation in the resolution enabling to display intranet without the need to scroll horizontally on most desktop computers and notebooks. Graphic design options can be prepared also for:

  • Computers with higher screen resolution
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

If you wish, we can prepare a fully responsive website, accessible from all mobile devices.

For whom?


This solution is a perfect match for organisations wishing to keep their websites outside the company. Thanks to its cloud location, you do not need to employ extra technicians to handle it or buy any extra equipment. The intranet offered by us is based on SharePoint Online platform within Office 365 package. One of Online Intranet advantages is the automatic update by Microsoft.

Access and user role

To access your intranet portal online, you need access to the Internet and Active Directory account.  Our specialists will configure the Single Sign-on (SSO) with your AD. You only need to remember your login and password to Active Directory. You can perform your tasks in your intranet portal wherever you have access to the Internet.


The roles of website users and administrators are allocated in line with the use scenarios and your corporate structure.  They are available in every Intranet section. Dedicated roles are created for particular functionalities, devoted to specific mechanisms.

Costs and security

One of the basic considerations for many companies are the financial outlays on the intranet. Selecting the publication intranet based on the SharePoint On-Premise, you need to include the purchase and maintenance of hardware, as well as the costs of licences and updates, in your calculations. The Online Intranet, based on SharePoint Online, belongs to Office 365 plan which means the costs are accrued on a monthly basis for a given user, depending on the option selected by you and your organisation Microsoft website

Our customers need to be sure their data will not be lost or misused. Security is ensured by Microsoft which, aware of the prospective users’ concerns, attaches much importance to data security aspects – Microsoft policy


Office 365 services are monitored proactively. Monitoring is aimed at identifying hazards. Customer data are protected by specialist antivirus software and firewalls. The data are protected also physically in data centres with appropriate design and most reliable security measures. Documents of users connected with Office 365 are their property and only they can view them. This means that after your intranet has been completed, we will have no access to it, and neither will Microsoft. If the tool fails, its operability will be restored by Microsoft specialists. However, they will not be able to affect the structure or data in the intranet. What is more, the security of Office 365 is confirmed by numerous certificates and international clauses which you will read when signing the agreement.