Publication Intranet


Gaining access to information

Every user of the publication intranet in your organisation can access the information or data referring to them quickly and easily. They can use an intuitive navigation and search engine. The information in your portal can be catalogued. The user can filter information without any effort.

Group work and handling problems

One of SharePoint platform advantages is the ability to work in groups. People from different departments or teams within your organisations can share files and folders but also edit the same MS Word or MS Excel documents. Organisations with greater needs are offered more advanced tools in the form of Digital Workspace.


Information for the editor and user


Branding and page layout

Your intranet structure depends on your organisation needs. Our solutions are based on SharePoint platform possessing model, universal solutions to prepare many system modules. Every module is prepared based on a general template which will be adjusted to specific requirements whenever required. The graphic design of the portal is prepared by professional graphic designers, user experience specialists in line with the visual identity guidelines of your organisation. The major stress when designing is put on functionality and intuitiveness.


Information presentation

Our help and activities will focus on supporting creation of brand awareness in your organisation. The publication intranet offers a multitude of components (models, page layout designs, ready-made graphic designs) thanks to which the daily work in your organisation is bound to gain momentum. On the welcome page, you can present information in an optimum way, matching the characteristics of your company. You will decide how to present the piece of information, article, content or task.  The articles and their prioritising will be based on your choice.


Knowledge management

As an editor, you can easily publish information in your portal.  The intranet publication scenarios can be adapted to your corporate structure.  Editing the content and articles in the publication intranet uses specific styles. You can simply choose the content presentation form (ślimak, karuzela). Whenever you need, you can publish photos, graphics, videos or post links to social media channels, e.g. YouTube. What is more, tagging or creating references between the existing articles will promote faster information search. If you wish to publish an existing article from a different page of your intranet or www, this is also easy.

By editing the news in the dedicated section you can set the publication date, visibility or even archive the message. All the news and articles placed by you can be deleted any time.


Adaptation to the organisational structure

Any content created in the publication portal can be directed to a specific node within your pre-defined corporate organisational structure. The authorisations to read content are adjusted automatically. From the editor’s level you can view traffic statistics and use them e.g. to assess if your communication was successful.



How to start?

When your organisation has already had its intranet concept, knows its communication needs and is able to specify its expectations vis-a-vis the knowledge exchange platform, we offer a pre-deployment analysis to develop the shared vision of the future website.

If, however, your company has not an idea of the intranet content or you have not had any time to think about how to improve your work, share your knowledge and communicate, we can carry out functional roadmapping in your organisation.

Our experience helps us diagnose and match components to the needs of a given organisation in a short time. At that stage we are going to offer the publication intranet to your company.