Correspondence Management


For whom?

Correspondence Management offered by us is an electronic record of communication incoming to and outgoing from your organisation, as well as the log of the internal communication flow. The Office will help you eliminate the traditional paper document flow in your company, gain comprehensive control over the document flow, get to the required data simply and, what is the most important, archive the entire communication electronically.

Correspondence Management portal

The portal is the core section of the system where most content is prepared and developed. The communication, agreements and other documents reach the portal in an electronic (e-mail) or paper form. In the latter case, the documents are scanned, their content is recognised and they can be classified automatically. The office portal comprises the following websites:





  • Correspondence Management home page – being an access point to the office in the portal. Responsible for redirecting users to the proper office website.
  • Correspondence Management website – responsible for handling incoming and outgoing communication in your company.
  • Correspondence Management websites of your corporate business units – responsible for handling incoming, outgoing and internal communication in business units, as well as affairs handling.
How does it work?


Access to the portal

You can access the portal via the Internet browser. The system automatically redirects the user to the home page after the proper address has been entered.

The home page of the Correspondence Management portal is the first page downloaded to the browser after it has been started. We will offer your company the portal design, matching your visual identity system. The information is usually displayed in tiles and matches the role and context of a given user’s work.

What does a document flow look like?
  1. Preparation and recording
  2. Review of communication and affairs
  3. Distribution and assignment (returns)
  4. E-mails, faxed messages, mail sent log

In the application you can register and store many dozens thousand e-mails.  Deploying the office portal, you get a finished and configurable solution for document and work flow in your company.