Managed services


SharePoint Devlopment Managed Services

Have you ever happened to employ a person with competences lower than expected? Or perhaps the recruitment process was not successful or it has been still pending? You have certainly met high expectations of specialists or received a straightforward message that the specialist does not want to work in an organisation being an end user. Did outsourced employees not keep their deadline or guarantee the deliverable in the project? The Managed Services model is for you. We offer a specific service area for just one technology, i.e. SharePoint Development Managed Services.


How does it work?

Managed Services are services combing outsourcing and Fixed Price model. We provide SharePoint Development Managed Services for your company only when you commission them and are remunerated solely for the work actually done. Thanks to the Managed Services you gain improved abilities to control costs  and adapt the service to your budget. You will get access to the highest competences of It-Dev consultants. We are flexible so we will be able to change the model and scope of the solution together any time.

We prepare the work plan and agree its course with your organisation on an ongoing basis, select the team and manage it, report periodically and deliver the agreed work deliverables.



  • You specify the works to be performed and provide assumptions periodically, approve the task plan and receive reports on works and work deliverables.
  • The works cover all stages of creating IT solutions, starting from identifying requirements and inspirations of business users, through preparing the solution vision, to delivering the operable software.
  • We provide all the roles employed by us to develop software. You do not need to worry you have no appropriate competences to commission and receive programming works.
  • The users see the actual system as soon as possible which helps to identify any gaps faster and invest their budget in the most necessary functionalities to improve the functionality and business value of the system.


Simple cooperation plan

We will start cooperation from defining the objectives of the application, intranet adaptation, migration etc. faced by your organisation where we could support your company. Then, we will outline the plan and determine specific solutions to be performed as a part of our services. We will accept the action plan together, considering all the areas requiring our assistance and specifying the deadline for the task completion. The final stage is the approval of our consultant’s work and acceptance of finished products.

Heading for benefits

Such a model is perfect for software development based on agile software development methods, promoting very fast provision of useful functionalities for business.
Our consultants and programmers work together, we offer their joint work based on expertise and experience. We provide solutions based on SharePoint technology we are experts in.

  • Cutting-edge technologies, expertise and competences with respect to SharePoint you have at arm’s length. You can test the latest trends and products, e.g. SharePoint 2016, without much expenditure.
  • It is up to you which model you choose for SharePoint Development and in what shape.



  • You will optimise HR management, and the flexibility of our cooperation will help to increase or reduce the team and its work intensity. You can check the quality of our work on an ongoing basis and approve the working hours and duration when we carry out our activities.
  • You will reduce software development costs, control them in a fixed price model, where a fixed price for the project is agreed in advance, when negotiating the agreement, together with the scope and schedule, and will be able to use the savings for innovations.
  • The scope of works will be flexible which means the most effective model of instantaneous response to the ever-changing business requirements.