Invoice approval workflow


Implementation of the electronic registration and flow of invoices will facilitate your corporate document flow. Business processes in your company will become smoother and more structured. Why should you trust us? We have completed projects for 10 years. This entails many hundreds working hours and mugs of coffee, and the invoice flows have been deployed and performed as frequently as our intranet portals.

Information for the editor and user

For whom?

The invoice flow is dedicated to organisations which:

  • wish to eliminate the existing flow of paper documents,
  • wish to minimise the costs of document printing,
  • wish to solve the problem of lost or duplicate documents.

Support areas

The invoice flow deployed by us offers full document flow within the organisation. You can also enter and settle the company advance payment in this system. The administration department will be happy with the ability to settle billings and your corporate sales department, most often using business trips, will be able to enter and settle them in one place.


System abilities

You can simply and intuitively register, describe, approve and accept invoices in your company.

  • Introduction of electronic recording and flow of various invoices
  • Automation of invoice data entering in SharePoint system
    • Automatic recognition of text (OCR) with bar code handling
    • Automatic verification of invoice data
  • Automation of input data generation process for your corporate accounting system
  • Standardised invoice flow processes
  • Document registration – registering documents received by your secretary’s office in paper and electronic form
  • Formal verification – The system verifies your invoice uniqueness, eliminating document duplication
  • Substantive description – description and simultaneous document assignment
  • Description approval – verification of the description and assignment
  • Financial acceptance – verification of costs and compliance with the assumed budget
  • Bookkeeping – documents in your organisation can be entered in the accounts manually or automatically


Your solution architecture

The solution architecture will be designed together with you. The solution will use a dedicated area for the invoice handling system, or the Flow website. The website is a central place of invoice collection. The processed invoices will be stored and handled entirely within dedicated registers. We will create a scenario of using individual repositories of invoices for every invoice type. The system offers simultaneous handling of many types of invoices (cost invoices, investment invoices, warehouse invoices), enabling to define a separate flow path for each of them.

Benefits are a must

Our long-standing experience in implementing SharePoint-based solutions confirms that the investment in the invoice flow system can be recouped entirely during the first year. One of the key benefits for you company is increased control over financial documents which are also protected from information escape. Your organisation will manage the office space, occupied by documents until now, better, reducing the costs of paper and office materials. Deployment of the invoice flow system will also optimise the time required for searching and accessing documents. Nothing is lost in the electronic invoice flow and, what is more, your tasks will be integrated with Outlook. The convenience and simplicity of use will make your work with financial documents a real pleasure.